Kayla is a public servant through photography. She does photography to express her love to others through her art and craft. She currently is shooting a lot of Family Sessions. For her it's not just me taking pictures of families. But encouraging quality time for families. “The days are busy and I think we get so caught up in other things and miss spending time with the people we love. So my next project, is promoting quality time with family and capturing that.” In the near future she would love to shoot more weddings, commercial and fashion photoshoots.

Love can be felt and received in a diversity of vessels: one way for me to give love and receive love is through the art of photography.

She has a passion for the city she lives in. She believes Lansing is in a revived state right now. “Large amounts of revival is happing in Lansing and I'm honored to say I have chosen to be apart of it.”

Favorite Cereal: Fruity Pebbles

Facebook: KaysEyes Photography

Instagram: @KayUpshaw

VSCO: KaysEyes