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RJ is a student at Western Michigan University, the director of media at LNSNG, and a free lance videographer. He studies Film, Video, and Media studies, with a Minor in Advertising and Promotion at WMU to improve his skills and make connections as a videographer and gain knowledge in the advertising and promotion world. He also works with LNSNG because of the love he has for his home city and enjoys building something amazing with his friends. As for the free lance videography he is always trying to improve and grow his skills as a videographer, taking on unique and interesting projects.

Lansing is an amazing hub of opportunity and budding culture, due to remarkable people from all different walks of life. We have an opportunity to build something great in this city and Iā€™d love to be apart of that.

Favorite snack: Apples with Caramel

Instagram: @rj_everett