LNSNG was formed in the spring of 2016 as a concept with my best friend and business partner, Noah Maldonado. Our first delivery came in Spring of 2017. It has been a lifelong passion project to design clothing that inspires and engages the emotions. The brand is the result of us solving the puzzle we saw in our city. It started with the question, "What could Lansing call its own?" We pay attention to details that matter. We notice brands from all over. We see what value we can add to the streetwear industry. We've traveled and done our homework. We are at our production space in the city - working to give Lansing something to be proud of.

As we grow, we work to remember where we've been and who we are as a company, still pushing forward to innovate and improve. We reinvest in our products with the hope of creating tomorrow's classics and helping to rebuild the city we love. LNSNG.