Victoria enjoys serving. She recently quit her job to start a non profit organization that will be a safe & creative place for inner city children to come to be loved & to help them find/cultivate their purpose. It is still in the process of creating a name & complete mission statement. It is coming soon so be on the look out! 

I served along side my father at The Lansing City Outreach for many years & my heart completely softened when I saw the amount of homeless children longing for love & longing for a listening ear. This is actually a lifelong dream of mine, I am finally bringing to life.

It will be easier to love our younger generation properly so they can love themselves, rather than trying to heal broken adults. 

“Lansing is home, I’ve lived here all 25 years of my life. I’m so happy to be surrounded around a group of compassionate people to help build up & pour their lives into the city.  Where it is watered it will grow.”

Favorite Cereal and snack: Captain Crunch Berries and Oreos dipped in peanut butter!

Instagram: @_buenovictoria